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Nestled in sunny Long Beach, CA, AM Light Studio thrives on a blend of architectural finesse and lighting design expertise, nurturing long-term collaborations with architects, interior designers, and project owners to transform spaces into luminous narratives.

Our Story



We at AM Light Studio, pride ourselves in our lighting design expertise throughout a multitude of market sectors along with our work and the long-term relationships that we have developed with architects, interior designers, operators, & owners.

Located in Long Beach, CA, our environment is enriched by the large magnitude of cultures that cohabitate together in harmony. With backgrounds in Architecture and Lighting Design, we have full capabilities of delivery in every phase of the project. We welcome all projects ranging from large scale developments to the more modest family owned projects.


Our goal for collaboration in design is to exceed our clients’ expectations by forming a bond with our team and realizing our clients’ needs in the most efficient and effective way possible.


Our ability to encounter challenges gives us an excellent form of resilience and provides an opportunity to gain knowledge.

Our belief on knowledge is that there is no time we are not learning. Knowledge in lighting design is what we pride ourselves in bringing to the table when accomplishing our designs.  

We understand that light is a key factor in all our projects, whether its role is to be the main display or discrete and supportive, we adapt to every project to bring out the elegance of the spaces.

Without light there is no life, light gives us warmth, enhances our emotions, & demonstrates all the beauty this world has to offer. Our devotion is nourished by our ability to help others achieve the dream into reality.  

Our Founder

Andre Medina

From a young age Andre was intrigued with lighting as well as architecture.

As a hobby Andre enjoyed his time drawing and restoring cars, one of his favorite projects turned out to be a 1978 trans am.  Andre graduated from Newschool of Architecture with a B Arch. degree as well as certified Urban Design + Natural Lighting programs from the Danish institute in Copenhagen Denmark and Santiago de Compostela Spain.

Always grateful to have worked with Newschool FAB LAB, SMS Architects, KGM Architectural Lighting, Sean O'connor lighting offices. Working on the architecture side has given Andre a full understanding of architecture lighting and how to provide the best service for anyone in the construction industry.

Andre Medina

Principal Assoc, AIA, IES

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